Black Box GigaStation2 - Ytmonteringsbox för nätverk - kontorsvit - 6 portar

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Black Box
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TillbehörskategoriManöverpaneler, uttag och komponenter
ProdukttypYtmonteringsbox för nätverk

The GigaStation2 Surface-Mount Housings work with GigaTrue2, GigaBase2, CAT3, and USOC Jacks, and the GigaStation2 Snap Fittings.

They also are compatible with the Hinged Raceways. Because the raceways are fed in from the sides to accommodate low-clearance environments, Surface-Mount Housings only need 1.5" of clearance.

Surface-Mount Housings are constructed of durable, high-impact office white thermoplastic and come with mounting screws. Each has a labeling slot with a protective plastic cover.


Xelent AB 0340-501000
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