SMS Projector CL V300-350 w/SMS UniSlide

Monteringssats (takplatta, montering, stång) för projektor (lutning och vridning) - aluminium - silver, aluminium - takmonterbar
17 i lager Förväntad 2020-10-30
Tillverkare Smart Media Solutions
Artikelnr AE012052
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    The SMS Projector CL V is company's classic projector bracket (and probably the most sold bracket within Europe). It is an elegant design that is strong and reliable yet very functional. You can easily adjust the pillar to different heights and the pillar can also be angled. The SMS Projector CL V mounts your projector hanging upside down and it represents a reliable and safe choice if you want to get the most out of your projector. The key word for describing this bracket is "easy". Easy to mount, easy to adjust, easy to like!

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